Words of Wisdom Wednesday


Adventure Time




Life is always changing and sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I guess its all about how you look at it. Most of the time I am a half full cup gal however sometimes I’m a half empty cup. We are starting a new adventure in the next few months and I truly believe that this will be a half full cup of adventure. I am looking forward to it and excited!

Our newest adventure is we are heading back to my husband’s home country, Norway. Norway is a beautiful country and I know that the grandparents are ecstatic that Monkeybutt and Squeaky will be closer to them. Norway is known for their amazing fjords, Northern lights, and the Midnight Sun.

We will be able to travel more, the kids will have many more opportunities than they would have if we stayed in the US. I am really excited about the trips we will be able to take, the family that will be close and the experiences we will have as a family.

I am slightly nervous about learning Norwegian though! Hopefully I will be able to pick it up quickly! I know the kids will!!

We will be moving in a few months as soon as we get several things finished up!! So much to do and so little time!!

Follow us as we journey through life in a foreign country.


Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Back a few years ago once a week I posted a quote that I would come across that I would enjoy, amuse me, or move me. It’s time for me to continue this and reflect on what those words mean!



Financial Peace University Week 1


Our Kit for Financial Peace University


As part of our goals for 2015 I wanted to sign up and do Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. It took me a while for me to find one that wasn’t all the way across town (which means a hour a way). But I finally found one!

We attended our first class last week and although it was a short class I really enjoyed it. Our first class was titled Super Savers. Dave Ramsey provides a brief overview of what we will be doing over the next 13 weeks.

One of the major points he discusses is Baby Step #1: To Build $1000 Baby Emergency Fund. He also discusses that money is amoral meaning that the money is not good or bad it is the person wielding the money that is good or bad.

Our homework after this class was to read Chapter One out of the book we received with our Kit, Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money. In this first chapter there is a lot of valuable information, like the 3 things we need to save for. Do you know what they are? Dave also talks about compounding interest which is giving DH the most trouble… Hopefully next class he will get some enlightenment. I have found sometimes it is almost pointless for me to explain things to him…

to purchase Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money just click on the picture.

I am really excited about Financial Peace University and the accountability that will come along with it. I am ready to change our lives. I am ready for Robin and I to get on the same page and build a solid financial foundation.

Have any of you done Financial Peace University? What were your takeaways? Did you enjoy it?

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Baby Step 1: $1000 to Start an Emergency Fund


As stated by Dave Ramsey:

” An emergency fund is for those unexpected events in life that you can’t plan for the loss of a job, an unexpected pregnancy, a faulty car transmission, and the list goes on and on. It’s not a matter or if these events will happen, it’s simply a matter of when they will happen. This beginning emergency fund will keep life’s little Murphies from turning into new debt while you work off the old debt. If a real emergency happens, you can handle it with your emergency fund. No more borrowing. It’s time to break the cycle of debt!”

We have had our fair share of unexpected events pop up so I know how important this is. Like for example a few months ago I had to replace two tires because of nails.. one tire had 13 nails in it!! Our neighborhood is still under construction! It sucks!!

As of right now we have $423.63 in our emergency fund which means we have $576.37 to go. My goal is to have this completed by the end of January.

I’m working what ever avenues I can to accomplish this by or goal if not sooner. All weekend I listed clothes (smocked outfits from Anja & Alexander) on ¬†Facebook and selling them. Hopefully I can get more sold this week.

Are you working on any of the baby steps?