Our 5th Wedding Anniversary




Today marks our 5th Anniversary. I’m amazed how fast time seems to pass us by. It seems like only yesterday I was welcoming people from out of town to our wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. While that is true it’s the days, weeks, months and years that follow the wedding matter the most.


While it might be cliche’ Robin is my best friend, my heart, my strength, my world, my past and my future. He has been my pillar of strength when I didn’t think I could continue. He believes in me and encourages me. We balance each other and we make a great team. The past five years have been a wonderful adventure. They haven’t been all easy but I wouldn’t change them for the world. 

I am so grateful that I get to spend the rest of forever loving him and our babies and watching him being the best husband and daddy I could ever wish for.


I’d like to say a massive congratulations to my amazing, wonderful handsome, amazing husband, you make my life so much better, you complete me. You make me feel like the most amazing woman in the world. With you beside me I believe that we can get through anything. 

Carrie_and_Robin403-IMG_0880 copy

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.


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Side Hustle: June


We hit our goal! Isn’t that awesome! We are only half way through the year. I am hoping that even though we have hit our goal wwe can continue our momentum throughout the rest of the year.

Here is the breakdown:

Enfamil Rebates- $30

Half.com- $21.71

Team National-$19.49

Ibotta- $38.50

Enfamil Rebate-$15


With earnings totaling $112.38 we have hit our goal of $1000 for this year. Even though we hit our goal and have a grand total of $1081.88. I can continue the momentum and add even more to this.

How did you do on your side hustle? How much more to go until you hit your goal?


Side Hustle: May


We had another great month. Even with being super busy trying to get various projects done and being out of town we still were able to get a good side hustle logged.

Here is the breakdown:

Half.com- $9.01


Team National-$25.17

Ibotta- $51.50

The grand total for May is $101.68, which isn’t too shabby. Our 5 month total is $969.50. I can’t believe we are only $30.50 away from our goal and we still have 7 months to go! Maybe we will be able to hit $2000 by the end of the year.

How did you do n your side hustle this month? What did you do?

Side Hustle: April



April has been a relatively good month for our side hustle again. I have been able to dedicate more time to our side hustle this month since I’ve been home with our new little princess.

Here is the breakdown:

Totspot- $20

Half.Com- $23.02



So our total for April is $146.22, which isn’t half bad. That brings our grand total up to $867.82 only $132.18 to go! Good news is I still have over half the year to go!

How much did you earn this month on your side hustle?

Side Hustle: March



Our side hustle for March dropped even more than in February. I’m gonna say part of that has to do with the fact I was severly pregnant and had a baby this month.

As long as we keep adding to our total I am good.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Half.com- $21.00
  • Team National- $24.09

These two give us a total of $45.09 for this month.

Add that $45.09 to January and February total of $550.25 and that gives us a total of $595.34

I’m hoping now that it’s warming up that Robin and I can build some furniture to sell to increase our side hustle.

I am happy that we are on track to hit our goal.

How much did you earn this month on your side hustle?