Side Hustle: March



Our side hustle for March dropped even more than in February. I’m gonna say part of that has to do with the fact I was severly pregnant and had a baby this month.

As long as we keep adding to our total I am good.

Here is the breakdown:

  • $21.00
  • Team National- $24.09

These two give us a total of $45.09 for this month.

Add that $45.09 to January and February total of $550.25 and that gives us a total of $595.34

I’m hoping now that it’s warming up that Robin and I can build some furniture to sell to increase our side hustle.

I am happy that we are on track to hit our goal.

How much did you earn this month on your side hustle?

Before Her Debut

The other week Robin and I headed up the road to Creation Studios for a Maternity photo shoot. With these pictures I wanted to do something different then just normal belly pictures. I wanted some that were more artistic. Donny did an amazing job making my wish come true. Here are some of my favorites.

One Week Old

Today our baby girl is a week old! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Today is also my official due date.

The past week has been a whirl wind. We have enjoyed having Anja at home with us. She already has a personality of her own. She loves to sleep all day and loves to be awake from around 11pm to 3am. So she has made one tired Mommy. What is helping is that now there seems to be some what of a schedule so I can pretty much guess when she will sleep and wake up. I have been trying to get naps in when ever I can.

Anja also had her first checkup today. Her doctorr said she looked perfect. She lost about 9 ounces which is normal when breastfeeding. We have to go back in a week just to check her weight.

We also have to go to the cardiologist in a few months. Anja had a slight murmur in the hospital so we had it checked out. The cause of the murmur is that she has a small hole in her heart called a VSD. It’s fairly common however normally they close together before birth of before their checkup. Even though hers hasn’t closed up yet there is still a chance that it will and the appointment with the cardiologist is just a follow up appointment for right now.

I can’t believe a week has gone by already. I’m trying to cherish every minute cause I know she will only be a newborn once!

Labor of Love


Thursday we went in for my scheduled c-section. Thankfully our little princess waited! We weren’t sure she was going to wait. Once we got to Labor and Delivery they took me back to a room and then all the pre-op people started coming in. We were originally supposed to head back at 9:30 but they were ahead ¬†of schedule so they took me back early. This time the anesthesiologist did my spinal in one stick (well two if you count the local). After that everything moved pretty quick and our baby girl was born at 9:14 am.

She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 20 inches long. She also has a wonderful set of lungs on her. After a few minutes they handed her over to daddy and I was able to finally see her. She is absolutely perfect in every way. Once they were done stitching me u they transferred me to a bed then they brought Anja over for me to hold then they took me to recovery. It was a completely different experience then with Alexander. Anja never left our side until we sent her to the nursery to have her bath.

Later on in the afternoon Alexander came to visit us. He was so happy to meet Anja. He was so cute with her! Everything went a lot smoother with this c-section then with Alexander’s. Every single one of our nurses were great!

We are all so happy to finally have Anja here with us!

39 Weeks


Today is the end of my pregnancy journey. I am 39 weeks and we are headed to L&D to have my c-section. I have to be there at 7:30 then they will take me back for surgery at 9am.

I can’t wait to meet our princess. There have been multiple times over the past week that I thought we were gonna have to head to L&D because of contractions. However, after awhile they would fizzle out.

I am prepared (as one can be) for my c-section however I’m not prepared to deliver Anja naturally. This however is all in my head. I know it is! Oh well!!

This afternoon our precious little girl will be here and that is all I want. I want her in my arms happy and healthy.

According to my app she should be around 20 inches which is the size of a mini watermelon. She should also be around 7.25 pounds. We will see how close the app is later today.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today as we welcome our newest addition into our family.